10 Simple Hacks to Save on Your Energy Bills Today

All things considered, chances are that you are spending much more time at home than usual given what’s currently unfolding throughout the globe at the moment. Couple that with a cold winter and you might quickly find that your power bills are skyrocketing through the roof.

So with this in mind, here are some easy ways to save power and money:

 Washing Machine

1. Wash laundry using cold water and shorter cycles

Most modern washing machines come with the option to run the laundry rounds on shorter or cold water cycles or a combination of the two. With the obvious benefits of saving power due to the appliance being on for a shorter period, studies have shown that shorter, gentle cold water washing cycles can prolong the life of your clothing when compared to normal warm water cycles. Clothing tends not to lose colour as quickly while releasing fewer microfibres which eventually end up in the ocean.

2. Air dry when possible. Otherwise try drying inside while using heating.

After using shorter cold water cycles for your washing, try to air dry washing whenever possible. Like washing machines, clothes dryers are also very energy intensive and can lead to clothes being irreversibly shrunk, decreasing the lifespan of clothing. If air drying clothes is not possible which is quite common for those who live in small units or apartments, try to take advantage of your home’s heating system by drying the clothes inside.


3. Switch to more efficient lighting

With short days and long nights, the winter months generally result in lighting throughout the house being on for longer periods of time. Consider changing any fluorescent lighting over to LED lights. Not only do LED lights have longer lifespans, they can be up to 80% more efficient.

4. Clean out your fridge and freezer regularly.

To work optimally, it is recommended that your fridge and freezer is cleaned and defrosted regularly to help reduce any unnecessary strain that is caused by the appliance to operate.

5. Keep power points switched off when not in use

Power points have a tendency to leak power while turned on even while the devices are not in use. When you are finished with using an appliance or charging your phone, try remembering to turn of the power at the switch. Even small actions can make a difference.

6. Take shorter showers

The majority of hot water is used in your bathroom. By shortening your showers, hot water use can be reduced, leading to big savings. One way to keep track of your time in the shower could be to use a shower timer or better yet, try putting some music on and finishing up your shower at the end of one or two songs.

7. Layer Up and Keep the Warm Air Inside

Keeping the warm air inside and the cold air outside isn’t always easy. However, there are some easy ways to help trap the warm air from escaping the house. Using door snakes to block drafts and putting up thick curtains and blinds can both help with this. If that is not enough, try investing in a really snuggy set of pyjamas or blanket to keep you warm!

8. Regulate heating to necessary areas

By shutting off infrequently used areas of the house, heaters do not need to expend as much power to keep the rest of the house warm. Another good way to limit heater use is to only limit it to times where there are people home and by switching it off before going to bed each night.

9. More family time, less screen time

Where possible, try to limit screen time on your devices and swap it up for some fun with your family and friends instead. A cool way to do this is to set aside screen free time and plan activities like board games or exercise.

10. Opt for non-electric powered gym equipment when exercising

The final hack to save on your next power bill is by trading in your powered gym equipment such as your treadmill and simply going out for a jog or completing body weight exercises. Amidst the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus, there has been an explosion in the number of workout guides that can be found online which are both challenging and can be done at home with your friends or family!


Using one, some, or all of these hacks will push your lifestyle towards a more eco-friendly path. Remember, sustainability is a lifelong journey, not a sprint.


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